Below are some of the organizations that are using Mark's music in their projects.

Synergy Seminars was founded by Dr. Charles D. Leviton and Patti Leviton in 1986. They provide a certification program in Guided Imagery. Synergy Seminars facilitate weekend and one-day seminars, using the modality of Guided Imagery with health issues, relationship issues and personal empowerment.


Synergy Seminars has produced over 18 different Guided Imagery CD's, addressing such issues as Surviving Cancer, Just Before Surgery, Healing the Children, At Ease, Stop Weight and Listen, and many others. We use Mark's music for our projects and it is an honor to wrap an imagery around his beautiful sounds.

All the Guided Imagery CD's Synergy Seminars provide are recorded and produced by Mark Provost of Solara Recording and Production. We work exclusively with Mark in engineering our product. Through the years. we have grown to honor his genius in blending the music, sound effects and the high quality of his work. Mark has a great sensitivity to the Guided Imagery process.


"Creating a Magical Garden and Healing Pond" is the second in a series of soothing guided journeys to an inner peaceful place. Dr. Charlotte Reznick combines relaxation techniques with gentle music and verbal suggestions to awaken the creative and healing power of your child’s imagination while developing their inner resources (ages 5 to 105).

Read a review of this CD.


Imagery For Kids gently and effectively teaches children how to help themselves by using the positive power of their imagination to understand and manage
their feelings, creatively solve problems, strengthen their self-esteem, and develop self-love.




AN ANGEL"S JOURNEY is truly food for the soul. You will quickly connect with your Sacred Heart core where all things are possible.

Whether you are seeking a healing or a "soul Attunement" the vibrational sounds and words will leave you refreshed and inspired.

We believe that everyone has a healing light within.

Inner Resources Inc. was created to help everyone discover that light.

They offer Guided Imagery, Flower Essence, Energy Work, Sound and Crystal healing and Angel Therapt.

For more information on Inner Resources:


The Angels Path

Meet Your Angel: Learn the name of every Angel that is with you and speak with them on a personal level.

Natal Loving Care: A collection of three imageries designed specifically for pregnant women and soon to be mothers and fathers.

For more information on the Angels Path:


Through continuous educational and experiential learning, personal integrity and compassion, we use our skills to help others improve their lives, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.”

Dealing with Death...The Journey to Peace: Using Guided Imagery techniques, I provide you with tools that allow you to make contact with loved ones who have passed. Just to have a conversation with them or resolve unfinished business, but ultimately, to heal from the grief and find true peace.

Pegasus Healing & Empowerment

For more information on Pegasus Healing & Empowerment

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