By Lyda Whiting
Reprinted for the March/April issue of
Awareness Magazine

A soothing guided journey to inner peace
By Charlotte Reznick, Ph.D.

This soothing CD is a perfect introduction to meditation for children and adults alike. Created by a licensed Educational Psychologist who has been working with children for 27 years, this is a relaxing trip that children and adults will enjoy taking together.

The first two tracks are a calming introduction to conscious breathing, and a gentle muscle relaxation exercise. The third track is a delightful color meditation which guides you to visualize a rainbow and fill your body with the light. Experienced adults will recognize the colors and locations of the chakras in this meditation, but children will simply experience the healing properties of each color for themselves. The fourth track gently guides you to create a magical garden and healing pond.

Everyone will discover the power of their imagination and enjoy the inner peace this visualization brings. The first four tracks provide about thirty minutes of meditation. The final track continues with ten minutes of relaxing music only.
Dr. Reznick has a soft warm voice which is perfect for leading you through the guided meditations; children will feel as if a loving friend is inviting them to meditate. The gentle instrumental background music, from Astral Journeys by Mark Provost, is well suited for meditation.

This is an excellent CD to use before a nap or bedtime, and can help a child drift off into sleep. It would also be great to use when a child is sick or agitated, as it is calming and healing. Teachers and families could use this CD for a group quiet time. This would also be an excellent CD for an adult beginning a meditation practice or recovering from an illness. Highly recommended for all ages.

Produced by Imagery For Kids, this CD is available at website:


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